Robyn + Mark

Lake Placid Wedding Photography

September 18, 2021

Category: Weddings 
Tags: High Peaks Resort, Lake Placid

Robyn and Mark’s wedding was something special. Some days we are lucky enough to have our job feel not so much like a job at all. Robyn and Mark’s wedding day was just that; pure celebration. They made our “work” easy. First, because they chose to get married in Lake Placid, where there is beauty in every direction. Second, because they are just so obviously in love, that it was hard to take a picture where they weren’t laughing or beaming big smiles. Third, because they surrounded themselves with their most loved friends and family, creating so many beautiful memories-in-the-making to capture. We hope they enjoy the rest of their magical weekend and keep on dancing through life and making each other laugh, because true to their first dance song, they are “Simply the Best.”