Emily + Becky

The Red Barn at Hampshire College Wedding Photography

January 20, 2020

Category: Weddings 
Tags: The Red Barn, Hampshire College, Massachusetts

One of the cool things about shooting weddings as long as we have is getting to see amazing families grow. A few years ago we shot an amazing couple, Linds and Stephanie who had one of the best bridal parties ever. So needless to say we were excited to meetup with Becky and Emily from that party last year to do an engagement shoot in Troy. Since then, we have been anxiously awaiting their big day. They managed to pull off an incredibly warm reception, even in January. From the moment we arrived, we could feel the love as everyone helped each other get ready and make each other laugh. The party’s support continued through their willingness to endure bursts of arctic-like air to make some memorable photos for Emily and Becky. The ceremony was goosebump inducing with close friends and family walking up the aisle with candles, lighting the night. Their friend and officiant, Sarah, welcomed guests and began a ring warming ceremony where guests sent their love and intentions as they passed around the rings. Two beautiful readings and two ugly cry-inducing vows later, it was official; the two sealed their fate with a kiss and down the aisle they went to start celebrating. Guests busted moves on the dance floor and struck poses in the photobooth. The two ended the night with the song, “I melt with you” which was a perfect end to a perfect day. We hope they find “things are getting better all the time”… and how could it not?… with a perfect partner, the cutest dog ever, and a beautiful family with you on your journey. We wish them all of the happiness.