Kathleen + Ian

90 State Street Wedding Photography

June 11, 2018

Category: Weddings 
Tags: 90 State Street, Albany, Capital, St Mary's

Kathleen and Ian had a gorgeous day for their wedding… we joked that it only took a large order of umbrellas as their insurance policy to scare away the rain in the forecast.  We started our day by checking in with the bride and groom, in this case, only a door away, where both sides of the bridal party were in good spirits (and quite punctual!) in their preparations.  We headed up the hill to the Capitol Building for the first look. This group was a lot of fun taking pictures with, especially their commitment to ‘landing’ a good group jump shot. After family photos, we headed down to the beautiful and ornate St. Mary’s church for the two to get hitched. This was followed by a Bryer Photography first: the bagpipe player from the ceremony, led the way as all of the guests walked over in a procession to the reception hall at 90 State. The party commenced… and kept on going, with some dancing, toasting, and eating thrown in along the way.  Another Bryer Photography first came during the bouquet toss, where Kathleen’s amazing throw landed her bouquet on top of the very high-hanging chandelier. Good thing there was a backup. Kathleen and Ian ended their night with a sparkler send off at midnight, where their friends and family, many hailing to Albany from far away, cheered them on as they took their first sparkly steps into their first day as newlyweds. Best of luck you two!