Emily + Patrick

The Sagamore Wedding Photography

February 18, 2018

Category: Weddings 
Tags: Lage George, The Sagamore

Emily and Patrick were married on a beautiful February day in a ceremony at the Sagamore surrounded by friends and family. They had a breathtaking first look (literally and figuratively) on the hotel’s deck overlooking the gorgeous winter view of Lake George. Their guests were treated to a dinner, dances, and toasts, before they made their way to the dance floor where moves were displayed that I had never seen before. Even Patrick’s grandma got up to do an Irish jig. I don’t use the phrase “meant to be” lightly, but it definitely comes to mind when I think of Emily and Patrick. Their story is one of patience for this inevitable relationship to be given the time and love it deserves. And they showed patience again when things did not originally go according to plan for their wedding day, and they just turned it into something that was even better than they imagined.  If they can get through dating and wedding planning with this much grace and humor, I think they are going to have the happiest of ever afters. No one deserves one more, Emily and Patrick!