Kierstin + Tom

Century House Wedding Photography

October 9, 2017

Category: Weddings 
Tags: Latham, Tent

Kierstin and Tom hit the weather jackpot for an outdoor tent wedding at the Century House in mid-October.  The rain tapered off and the sun was doing its first look as the day as these two were doing theirs.  We first met the ladies while they were getting dolled up, and by the time she was finished, Kierstin looked like a classic movie star. Over in the groomsmen’s room, the laughs were flowing amid youtube videos as they crammed for their test in how to tie a double Windsor  knot in a tie and toasts to share a special beer together. Tom is just that nice enough of a guy to make sure we had a chance to try some of the beer. The groomsmen were sporting Ninja Turtle socks that really added a nice touch. Before we knew it, it was time to get hitched, where Anna rocked it as a flower girl… er uh… leaf girl, as she made sure to empty her basket before reaching the end of the isle. The ceremony was short and sweet and were just so them, filled with references to this cheese-loving, forgets-to-turn of the closet light, cat person finding her soulmate in this potato-loving, forgets-to-turn of the closet light, dog person.  Then there was nothing left to do except start the party… which these two did with a classy choreographed dance that had the whole room watching.  There were thoughtful toasts from long time friends, several parent dances… including a father/son and mother/daughter dance! We left the dance floor still hopping, conga-lining, and shuffling.  Kierstin an Tom kept us laughing all day long and made us feel like we were guests ourselves.  We hope these two feel as loved and blessed as their family and friends that attended their wedding!