Tara + Joshua

Gideon Putnam Wedding Photography

September 12, 2017

Category: Weddings 
Tags: Gideon Putnam, Hall of Springs, saratoga

Tara and Josh are such a lovely couple, who chose lovely people to be with, at a lovely place, on a lovely September day for their wedding.  We started the day by checking in with the ladies.  As they got ready, everyone helped out with a safety pin here and a hair touch up there; even the bride was seen steaming and zipping up her ladies’ dresses.  It was there that we also met flower girl, Reagan, who let it be know right away that she was in direct running with the bride for most photographs to be taken of her that day.  The ceremony was outdoors under the bluest of skies. Now Tara hands down, won the award for tallest and skinniest high heal to be worn by a bride… but she never complained. She rocked the isle, kneeling for prayer and even frolicked in them over to the Hall of Springs with the bridal party after the ceremony. After pictures, the two were officially introduced as husband and wife, and from there on out it was time to celebrate from a group Macarena to cutting the cake!  We wish these two the best of luck on their newlywed adventures. We are so happy for them!