Kirsti + Chris

Hiland Wedding Photography

September 24, 2017

Category: Weddings 
Tags: Adirondack Brewery, Lake George, Queensbury

You know it was a great wedding when you can’t stop belly laughing when you go through the photos the next day. Kirsti and Chris are so lucky to not only have found each other, but to marry into such wonderful families and friends.  We met up with the two as they were getting ready in Lake George. We were so excited that they chose the Adirondack Brewery to do their first look. (There is nothing quite like the mix of beer and love in the air!)  We then headed to The Hiland Golf Course, where the two had a lovely outdoor ceremony on the nicest kind of day you could possibly hope for at the end of September.  Their ceremony featured a dog of honor, the gift of wise words in a speech written by their niece, and their own written vows. And if that weren’t enough, hot air balloons from a nearby festival flew by at the tail end of the ceremony, almost as if they were there to cue the celebration.  And celebrate these two did. There were dances, an insane sabering of champagne bottles, conga lines, limbos, and nutella-filled cake. We left during a never before seen mosh pit to Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”  We wish Kirsti and Chris this kind of joy every day as husband and wife!