Beth + James

Troy Urban Decay Photography

March 20, 2017

Category: Engagements Urban Decay 
Tags: Troy, Urban Decay

We decided to make the most of this gorgeous sunny day by dusting off our cameras and heading over to Troy to shoot another set in our Urban Decay series with the fun and “up for anything” couple, Beth and James. We had a blast discussing photography and their upcoming wedding as we trekked through the snow of this old industrial park.  The wind brought a bit of a chill (and the stench of dead skunk) but there was beauty to be found here…the colorful graffiti, the blinding light, and of course this adorable couple sure helped.   (And props to Jay who tackled his fear of heights again by climbing a ladder to get some shots!)  We wish these two the best of luck on their new beginnings. It was so much fun talking photography and risking our lives together!