Lauren + Chris

Albany Urban Decay Photography

July 30, 2016

Category: Urban Decay 
Tags: Albany, Urban Decay

Our latest installment of our urban decay project has a bit of a backstory. ┬áLauren (as seen in these pictures) has had a hate affair with this ugly eyesore of a building since she’s moved to Albany. I must agree that when heading down 787 entering Albany, it certainly distracts from an otherwise attractive skyline. So in the spirit of finding art and beauty in the ugly (and it doesn’t get uglier than this) we headed into the building that’s claim to fame is that it has survived having a raging fire within its structure for┬áseveral days straight and came out on the other side pretty much looking the same. When we got in, we saw several other artists had already taken on the place. A big thanks to Lauren and Chris for bravely exploring this ugly phoenix of a fortress with us.