Erin + Justin

Longfellows Wedding Photography

July 17, 2016

Category: Weddings 
Tags: Congress Park, Longfellows, Merry-go-round, saratoga

Erin and Justin had an amazing day for their wedding. We met up at Erin’s family home which we got to after many twists and turns through some breathtaking country roads. After some shots there, we headed to the church in Corinth where we met up with Justin and his groomsmen. After a very sweet ceremony, it was off to Congress Park where the bridal party saddled up to take a few spins on the carousel.  There were many laughs as the sea of pink and blue streaked by.  Then it was back on the party bus to Longfellow’s where the party officially kicked off.  There were fun introductions (the stakes were high with a prize on the line for best entrance), dances, and toasts.  By the time dinner was served you could feel the crowd getting antsy to dance. And dance they did.  Not only was the weather picture-perfect that day, but Mother Nature bestowed one last gift upon them, a gorgeous firey sunset lit up the sky.  We are so excited for these two and all the sunsets, fun, and memories-to-be-made that lie in store for them!