Victoria + Jason

Birch Hill Wedding Photography

June 5, 2016

Category: Weddings 
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When we arrived at Tori’s hotel room we could tell the party had started well before we got there; the room was filled with fun tunes, a few cocktails, and a lot of laughs.  We met up with Jason at Birch Hill to do their first look and take pictures.  The two made their way down to the pond where they had a picturesque wedding attended by friends, family, and several geese and ducks.  They wrote their own vows and from them any attendant, friend or foul, could tell that their relationship was built on a strong foundation and already had many wonderful memories woven into it.  Then came 6:45, the time Tori declared the official stuff would be over and they could just celebrate.  And they did, in a beautiful ballroom adorned with lovely details from their anniversary piñata guests were to stuff with notes, to the adorable owl figurines from Italy that were in honor or Tori’s grandma who loved owls.  After formalities, the DJ started a fun dance set.  Tori did not take the dance floor lightly; she was prepared to cut a serious rug with her bedazzled wedding day sneakers.  We wish these two the best of luck as they continue their journey as newlyweds!