Janis + George

Revolution Hall Wedding Photography

June 2, 2016

Category: Weddings 
Tags: Christ the King Church, Cook Park, Revolution Hall, Troy

We couldn’t have wrapped up this long weekend with a nicer couple.  We caught up with Janis and George while they were both getting ready.  Evidence of Janis’s handiwork was all over their home. Copper spray paint and turquoise ribbon were evidence of her labor of love in making her own bouquets, decorations, and centerpieces for all of the tables. Janis and George got married at the beautiful Christ the King Church. I believe they win the award for the most child labor at a ceremony, three nephews ushered, two were ring bearers (adorned with badges to know they were legit), topped off by two little flower girls walking down the isle.  After a few quick pictures we were off to Revolution Hall to get the party started. The toasts given by their matron of honor and best man, both friends from childhood, were filled with memories of Janis and George through the years. The matron of honor even slipped in a few math references for Janis’s credentials in math with hints of “exponentially” growing their family after the wedding.  The two took full advantage of the delicious beer brewed at Brown’s by drinking from extra large beer mugs throughout the night… which may have had something to do with them busting some moves on the dance floor. We wish Janis and George the best of luck with all things ahead, starting with their sure to be fun-filled honeymoon in Ireland!