Iain + Matt

Silver Bay Wedding Photography

May 15, 2016

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We thought we were booked for 2016, but when Iain and Matt shared that they had plans to jump into the lake after their marriage vows, we just knew we had to be there. And we are so happy we were, because these two planned an epic wedding from homemade bow ties and boutonnieres, to adorable dogs, to a breathtaking backdrop (which HAPPENED to be the site of where they first met), to games galore (kicked off with rock, paper, scissors for who would say their vows first and ended with the Ian & Matt trivia game), to great music mixed by DJ Vin (which of course led to great dancing), to great food, including the best dessert we’ve had on record (grooms-made pies and a signature ice cream flavor for the happy couple).  We are thrilled when we get to capture a day as joyous as this one was.  We wish Iain and Matt the best for all that is to come on what is sure to be a continuation of an adventurous journey together!