Susan + Justin = Shirley

Family Photography

August 26, 2015

Category: Families 

One of our favorite things as photographers is to do a newborn shoot for a former bridal couple.  There is something so magical about seeing that their love has grown from that day and manifested into a new little person. For Susan and Justin, that took the form of little Shirley.  When we arrived to the house on the day of their wedding, 90’s music was blaring and the bridesmaids were getting dolled up while sipping their cocktails. This time, there were welcome banners, baby gear, and a feel of a new family formed.  And shirley you can see that she is one of the cutest babies of all time.  Bingo seems to have taken to his role of big brother, Susan and Justin are naturals, and Shirley is on the brink of realizing how lucky she is to be born into such a loving family.  We wish them the best of luck during such an exciting time!