Sondra + Bryan

60 State Street Wedding Photography

August 22, 2015

Category: Weddings 

Some weddings we truly do forget amidst the fun of the day, that this is actually our job. Sondra and Bryan were really that much fun to “work” with. You may remember their engagement last fall. We started by splitting up to capture Sondra and Bryan getting ready, and I must say that the groomsmen truly rivaled any bridesmaids’ instincts and willingness to take photos.  We were then off to do a first look at the education building and walked around the Capitol and pedestrian bridge for some great shots.  We returned to 60 State Place to witness a beautiful ceremony and lively reception.  From the parents’ slideshow, to the couple’s choreographed dance to welcome guests on the dance floor, to two sibling speeches that yielded tears and laughs, this day was truly about truly celebrating loved ones.  So, after a year of meticulous planning (Sondra truly channel her inner perfectionist and planned a beautiful wedding down to the smallest of details) these two chose to not stress the small stuff and simply focused on the fun and joy of the day. That is always a good sign of a strong marriage to come. We wish them the best of luck as newlyweds!

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