New Orleans

Cityscape Photography

August 17, 2015

Category: Personal 

Within an already busy summer of weddings and family activities, we had the opportunity to get away, just the two of us, to New Orleans. The soupy hot weather was fine by us; it actually held us to the pace we promised ourselves.  If we got warm, we would simply hop into a gallery, or grab a drink at a pub, or poke around a gift shop.  We were still able to see quite a bit, even while taking it slow. When you tend to visit a place, usually it is your eye that captures the most memories, and indeed, we did feast with our eyes (and camera); however, the taste and sound of New Orleans are where the real sensory overload comes into play.  The amazing smells of the food like jambalaya and pralines mix in the air with the melodies of live jazz pouring into the streets and you realize that those senses deserved a vacation too!