Jamie + Chris

Backyard Wedding Photography

August 2, 2015

Category: Weddings 

When pulling up to Jamie’s family home, Jay and I looked at each other and smiled; we knew it was going to be one of those days where it would be easy to take good pictures.  Not only was the property breathtaking, but Jamie and Chris had perhaps the most beautiful weather day this whole summer and it was much deserved by such a beautiful couple. Big, billowy white clouds punctuated a rich blue sky, as if Heaven were kissing the wildflower-strewn fields. And knowing Jamie’s father was on the other side, it might just have been his way of showing up to his daughter’s wedding.  When you looked around the wedding grounds, you could see  that Jamie and Chris’s friend’s and family’s enjoyment was at the heart of their planning and not at all about them being in the spotlight. So much care put into an epic day that friends and family won’t soon forget.  These two barely wanted photos of themselves and were more interested in making sure there were pictures of their dog Dexter and candid photos of a lively dance floor. We heard throughout the day how these two met first as friends in middle school and their connection  bloomed into love over time.  They have grown into such a beautiful couple, we can only imagine all that they will do and be in the years to come! Congratulations, Chris and Jamie!… Or are you now officially power couple “Cramie”?