Kerri + Ryan

The Appel Inn Wedding Photography

July 19, 2015

Category: Weddings 

We love to share how we work with the best couples and we feel so lucky that they find us. Our couples have been: fun, quirky, creative, funny and kind, but after shooting Kerri and Ryan’s wedding day, we are  adding the word inspirational to the list.  After waking on her wedding day to heart-crushing loss, Kerri and Ryan showed an epic balance of joy and grief as they continued through the day.  We began at Hotel Indigo where we met the bridal party including the Best Men, Matron of Honor, and “Best Dog.”  After a first look we headed to the Crossings for a very balmy photoshoot. (Being from Texas, the bride and groom had quite a handle on the heat, but some members of the party appeared to be melting before our eyes.)  Then off to the church where Father Jim delivered a lovely service yielding tears of laughter and sadness.  And once the Limo figured out how to get a wide enough turn to fit into the Appel Inn, the bridal party met up with friends and family to celebrate the night away.  The dance floor was hopping as was the photobooth!  Ranger Rick (aka: Flat Stanley) hailing all the way from Texas even made a few appearances throughout the evening.  What a day!  We were in awe of Kerri and Ryan’s ability to  embrace the hard and the happy of this day with tenderness and grace. We hope they look back on this day and see that love and joy transcended even one of the darkest hours. We wish these two all the best in all that lies ahead this summer, next summer in Ireland, and all their years to come!

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