St John's Church: Project Urban Decay

Urban Decay Photograph

June 7, 2015

Category: Engagements Personal Urban Decay 

Remember a couple weeks ago when we were looking for an adventurous couple to work on a new project idea? Well, Jackie and Jared were two brave souls who trusted us to take them into an atypical shoot location: inside an abandoned church. We wanted to capture beautiful images in a place where neglect, decay, and an era gone by was palpable. They were very good sports considering the condition of this place.  Jared said it best when we entered and he claimed that he could, “just smell the tetanus!” We are so glad we took this adventure and are looking forward to adding to this project. If you are local to Albany and have any ideas about another good location to shoot for this project or are interested in being the next brave couple, drop us a line.