Meghan + Connor

Glen Sanders Wedding Photography

June 16, 2015

Category: Weddings 

It was so nice to see Meghan and Connor again. We had so much fun at their engagement shoot; the shoot where we found out as we were wrapping up that Connor had been getting over pneumonia. The fact he had just smiled through it made us realize we had a couple who had what it took to commit to taking great photos! Their wedding day was just perfect: beautiful dresses, flowers, and suits, attentive bridal party, gorgeous location, blue skies, lovely ceremony, touching toasts and dances, and some hard core dancers who frequented the dance floor… not to mention at the heart of it,  a couple perfect for each other.  At the end of the night it began to lightly rain, which was also perfect because Meghan and Connor got to have the supposed good luck that comes with rain on your wedding day, as well as a quiet walk out to the dock to get one of our favorite night photos so far.  We hope they get a chance to stop along their galavanting in Europe to sneak a peak at these highlights to remind them of the magic of that day.

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